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Sunday, July 17, 2005

new finds

Whaler's rum, Weeki Wachee and Dinghy Pub glasses

Nautical ashtrays from Hafa Adai, Guam
I also found a really nice bamboo plant stand in really nice condition, a Bailey's mug, Hawaiian print dress, and I'm sure there's something else, but can't think of it right now!
The CD that I listened to over the weekend while driving around looking for garage sales and stuff: Bongo Rock-Preston Epps.

I visited our local plant shop today looking for a banana tree, but of course they didn't have one. They just got in some kiwi plants that were really cool so I bought one of those. It's a vine and very hardy so it won't die during our freezing winter months. Maybe I'll let it grow up onto my "bamboo awning" I'll have to try a larger nursery for a banana tree. I want to replace the yucky rose bush I have out back. It will look much more "tropical"! I had to bring our carnivorous plants indoors; It's just too darn hot today!! They prefer cooler temperatures.

We got in a new shipment of Tiki Farm mugs at our retail store. That's always fun--displaying them and stuff. They're such great mugs. I got a green Caliente Tropics mugs for myself. I love it!!! It's one of my favorites! I'm always so excited when someone comes in and buys cool stuff. We sold a copy of Tiki Quest, Tiki Road Trip and several copies of Baracuda Magazine today. We've sold most of our Tiki Magazines. I have several copies of Tiki News, but I can't remember where I put them. It must be in one of those "safe places"!! We just got our "Hawaiian order" in. One of the books is 101 Great Tropical Drinks. It's a really nice book with lots of photos. Great drink recipes including "Kaka'ako Swamp Water", "Koko Kava", "Sabuzzo" and "Polynesian Wild Thing" Fun book!! I think it's time for some yummy cool watermellon!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The weekend's finds

I hit a couple garage sales and a thrift shop and found a few interesting things. I found a really nice monkey-pod wood "Leilani" brand serving platter. (Is that a real kind of wood?) It'll look really good with small banana or some other kind of leaves in it and topped with yummy pupu's. I have a dwarf banana tree indoors and when it comes time for a Tiki party, I'll use a few of the lower leaves. I really want to get a large banana tree to put out on our small deck out back. I'd keep it in a pot and bring it in during the cold winter months. I also found a Captain Morgan Private Stock tumbler kind of drinking glass, 2 really nice black serving plates from Thailand and a cool paper oriental lamp. The other day I found an Easter Island Trader Dick's tiger stripe Tiki Mug. It's probably very common, but It's my first one. I'm happy with my "finds"! I've been doing a lot of work on my "Tiki", Polynesian kind of deck. I put up new fun lights and it looks a lot better now. I have a mixture of pineapples, palm trees, lobster, sea shells, and banana lights. Looks like we're ready to party! I put my plumeria tree out there as soon as it was warm enough. It's doing pretty good. At least the spider mites are no longer bothering it! I hope it will bloom this year. It only bloomed once for me several years ago. I'll have to give it some more "flower" food. The blooms are great~they're large, beautiful and fragrant.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wow, I can't believe I'm doing this!!

I wonder if anyone will read any of this. My daughter ENN set this up for me( Today I joined TikiCentral after many days of trying to figure out a cool username. Aloha world, Teeny Wahine is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!